C1S PRO Yadea 125cc


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Electric scooter 125CC

The eldest of the C1S arrives at BIKELOC. The C1S Pro electric scooter is ideal for travel in urban or peri-urban areas. The electric scooter C1S Pro has a motor with a power of 6 000W. It allows a maximum speed of 80km/h and will therefore be ideal for driving in or out of the city.


The Yadea C1S Pro is equipped with two lithium-ion batteries with a value of 72V 20Ah, or 2.88 kWh. Each battery weighs 11.5 kg and is removable. They will allow it to achieve a maximum of 100 kilometres. The batteries have an intelligent energy management system. This is why the C1S Pro has 8 levels of protection such as protection against overcurrent, overheating, overload, or short circuit etc... When it comes to charging, removable batteries can be recharged anywhere on a conventional 220V socket.

Unbeatable comfort

The C1S Pro emphasizes sporty elegance with its KISKA design. It has a scratch-resistant, robust and UV-resistant coating. It also has a large 25L undersaddle chest, large enough for two jet helmets those that offer you a nice storage space. The 125CC electric scooter has several new technologies. It has a Click & Start starter system, an automatic lock and unlock without contact or, its automatic LED lighting that automatically adapts to the ambient light. It therefore benefits from excellent manufacturing quality and offers a 5-inch LCD dashboard with automatic brightness adjustment. This will allow you to keep an eye on your speed, battery status, total distance travelled, etc. You can ride in peace and comfort. The scooter rental of the C1S Pro is available in dark sky blue on Paris 12th.

Guarantee of reliability

The model C1S Pro is a 125CC electric scooter of the brand YADEA, one of the leading brands in the world market of light mobility. With more than 15% of worldwide sales, the brand tends to establish its reputation by offering more reliable and efficient models.

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